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3D sex simulator with a twist

Full VRFuckDolls review

VRFuckDolls is not your typical adult game. It offers an experience that players enjoy and connect with. The game features sexy beauties, realistic intercourse, the most realistic 3D graphics possible, and other qualities that make the game a must-have.

This review will tell you everything you need to know about VRFuckDolls, and we know you may just decide to play when you’re done reading.

There are many adult games available to play, and players love them, but these games are not for the faint of heart, as we must warn you that they contain some violent scenes. Going straight to the review, here is our review of VRFuckDolls:


New players need to register in order to enjoy this game. The registration process is quite long, as players must complete nine steps before completing the registration. When players load the player dating site, they will be shown the main screen, and they will need to click the “Start Setup” button to begin the registration process.

VRFuckDolls Features.

The game allows players to fuck anyone they want. This feature raises the stakes in the game and attracts players who don’t want their entertainment to be restricted. VRFuckDolls is a platform that allows all players to be themselves without any judgment.

There is an intimacy feature that allows players to scan their environment looking for other players who would like to be your sex doll. This feature allows gamers to connect on a deeper level.

Because of its price, VRFuckDolls has a large number of accounts. That’s because players who want a premium experience but can’t afford the high prices of other paid adult games come here to play.

Players can customize and change their avatar at any time in the game. If they get bored with the current style that notices their avatar, they can decide to change the look to liven it up. There are many different customization options to choose from, and the possibilities are almost limitless.

Players can add images to their profiles. Some players have a problem with this feature because they claim they prefer not to know who they are banging. This feature is not used as often because players mostly post fake or fictional images on their profiles. Other players feel they should know if they are fucking a man or a girl. They don’t like the uncertainty of not knowing; hence the 50/50 split. Some players use it and some don’t.

The game has an attractive sound feature that allows players to upload their voice or any voice of their choice. This voice will be superimposed on your character and can be heard by the person you are banging. The sound may seem a bit harsh at first, and it is a bit intrusive. Players will only get used to the sound of their moans after a while. Once they get used to it, it turns out to be a cool feature.

Pros of

The game has an interesting concept. They give players an exciting and engaging game. It keeps players playing for hours on end. Other games allow players to fuck each other in the game, but that is not the case with this game.

The characters are well modeled, and the level of customization gives so much room for experimentation. The game developers took the time to model these girls to make them as close to reality as possible. It provides a connection between the players and the game, as players will feel like it’s all real.

It’s hard to fuck repetitive characters because the game is very dynamic. This makes the game even more exciting, as players will love the girls they are given because they know they won’t have that opportunity again.

The characters in the game are sexy and give players some of the best attempts at virtual sex you can get. This is a big plus of the game and one of its major advantages.

The game mechanics are top notch and well designed. The game ensures that the physics and movements are consistent with real life changes. For example, if you bang a character with large breasts, the breasts will bounce realistically.


Sometimes the voice feature can ruin the experience, especially if it’s not the voice you expect to hear. For example, if you hear a male voice during sex, it can confuse you and ruin your experience. It’s also risky because most players play the game with sound and like to hear the voice of those they are fucking. This creates a roulette situation because players don’t know what to expect.

There can be small mistakes in the game from time to time, and this can cause the game to break down when it gets serious. Closing and reopening the browser should solve the problem. However, it can be frustrating when the game is interrupted, especially when you are in the thick of things.

The more people involved in your sex, the greater the load on your computer’s processor. Therefore, players should carefully record the number of sexual partners they can have at one time to avoid overloading their computers. Pay attention to your computer specs and compare them to the requirements of the game so you know where you are with the game, and whether you can do what you like.


VRFuckDolls is a quality adult game designed with users in mind. While it may be tedious for those who don’t like dominant and submissive role-playing, other sexual desires can be achieved. Players can fuck each other if they feel so good, please. You can only really get this game if you register and play it yourself. If you don’t want to pay the membership fee, you can cancel it before seven days are up.

The button is located in the lower right corner of the page. The next page is a general warning and disclaimer page that asks players not to play the game if they have a history of seizures, epilepsy or violence/aggression.

The website will then access your computer to determine if you are eligible to play by checking your browser specifications. If your browser is not eligible, VRFuckDolls will provide you with a link to download a working browser that you can use to access the site properly.

In the next step, players will be asked to choose their adventure from three available paths: a nightclub, a college, and a dungeon. Steps five through seven require players to create the baby of their dreams.

They have full creative control over her appearance, including buttock size, body markings (tattoos), breast size, and hair color. The eighth step allows you to choose the original style with which to start your newly created baby.

Before the glory begins, you will be asked if you want to play alone or online with all the other players. As with the adult game, proof of age is essential so that underage children will not play this game.

Players must confirm their age by providing the necessary information, including full name, email address, password, country and zip code. The final step is to enter your bank card information.

VRFuckDolls is a paid game that can only be accessed by paying a subscription fee or playing a free trial. You can only access it after entering your card information. The free play mode lasts for seven days and players will be charged a subscription fee when it expires.

VRFuckDolls sex

VRFuckDolls membership: benefits, rewards, and more

Many players are a little annoyed by this because they are not used to paying for adult games, since only a few games in this genre use this model. Spending a VRFuckDolls membership gives you perks that will pay off.

Some of these perks include hentai games, sex sims, action, and in-game network vaults that you can access whenever you want. That’s not all, because this game is a gift that never stops giving.

Some other benefits of signing up include 3D rendered sex videos, adult video websites, explicit cartoons, movies and several sex videos in HD. Players will receive many additional benefits by registering and paying for VRFuckDolls. What are you waiting for?

VRFuckDolls Membership Cost.
VRFuckDolls requires players to pay using their card details. In addition to the monetary value, the game does this to verify the age of players based on the information they provide.

Although it is not frequent, it is the game’s way of correctly registering users in the system. These procedures should ensure that VRFuckDolls maintains all proper standards and keeps the space clean and free of minors.

The price for the game is low, as registration costs $15 and the cost is deducted monthly. At this price, there is no reason why you shouldn’t play this game. VRFuckDolls gives an above average sexual experience at a very reasonable price. With no other additional perks, the price is still justified.

Unlike some other paid sex games, VRFuckDolls tries to be inclusive in its pricing so that more people can access its site and not be left out. Players are given access to additional features, and in return, they continue to pay this small fee.

VRFuckDolls: Full gameplay

VRFuckDolls is similar to other sex simulators in terms of gameplay. Players can only be male characters, as there are no female characters in the game. The premise of the game is simple. Male characters are expected to dominate girls in various BDSM poses.

As the game progresses, the infant being dominated will suggest further actions to you by talking to your character. Players can have even more fun by following the babes’ advice and pushing the limits of VRFuckDolls.

The adventure paths chosen at the beginning of the game will affect the situations and locations you get later in the game. The more dolls you meet, the more skills you will acquire. Fuck as many toys as you can to improve your skills and level. VRFuckDolls uses a fun level up system that players love.

VRFuckDoll has well-designed graphics. Backgrounds, locations, and other environmental details have been polished to make players feel realistic.

The game is also not intensely controlled, as players only need one hand to play, and they can free up the other if necessary. The mouse mainly controls the game, so your left or right side will do, depending on your preference.